Matt Par Course – Make Money On YouTube without Making Videos Review 2019

How much do you love YouTube?  I know I’m there almost every day.  Sometimes it’s because I clicked on a link shared by a friend, or because I want to check out a news story everyone is talking about.

You probably already know that plenty of people make YouTube their main income source.  Cooking shows like Binging with Babish, or Food Wishes, or even You Suck at Cooking–all of those dudes got to quit their day jobs and work on YouTube videos full time.  Lucky for them, right?

Well, you can make money off of Youtube without making a single video.

You do this with content you didn’t even make!

I’ve taken several courses, such as this, and I have gained a varying degree of success. With this particular course, I did achieve some financial goals, but I finally reached my $50k / month mark when I combined this with local biz lead generation.

I can confidently say I cracked the code when it comes to making money passively online. Gotta love it!

So in this article, I will be reviewing Matt’s “Make Money On YouTube without Making Videos” and compare Youtube content repurposing with business lead generation, especially looking at this Ippei and Dan Review

Who is Matt Par?

He’s called “Make Money Matt” by friends, colleagues, and former students.

Par is a young entrepreneur who has turned his own YouTube success into a blueprint for helping others do the same.

Matt believes that anyone can do what he does with the right information; and that earning from video content is a wide-open field of opportunity.

His own pages have netted him millions of subscribers and tens of millions of unique views.  

Par’s goal is to help as many people as possible find their path to financial independence.  He is confident that YouTube is a key component in that endeavor.

Matt Par is the creator and instructor of his Advanced Master Class on Making Money on YouTube (without making videos).

What exactly is “Making Money on YouTube without Making Videos?”

It’s exactly what it sounds like.  But it’s also a whole lot more.

The course is broken down into three units, each one with its own subsections.  Sounds complicated, but it isn’t.

Do you love watching free content?  Good.

Would you love to curate your own content from open or common sources?  Yes? Good.

Even if you’re a total novice to anything but watching videos online, this course will teach you everything you need to know.  You’ll learn:

  • –All about YouTube’s business model
  • –How to set up your own account to attract viewers and subscribers
  • –See real-world examples of those who did what you want to do
  • –Setting up a corresponding Google account
  • –Curating content for a specific audience
  • –Verifying and other legalities
  • –Optimization of your page and accounts
  • –Getting the word out
  • –Automation tips and tricks
  • –Scaling up for even greater rewards.

This isn’t just a class.  It’s a blueprint for success.

Do you want to get your side hustle on?  Make enough money to quit your day job or second job?  This is a great way to get started.  

While Nice To Learn, I Found Much More Success With This…

First, here is how business lead gen compares to the process previously mentioned:

Cons of Youtube Content Repurpose

  • Risk of getting demonetized (Lose money and time)
  • Risk of a ban, which means you lose all your progress
  • Inconsistent income
  • Difficulty growing your channel

Why Business Leads Is My Choice

  • Consistent monthly income
  • Help local businesses thrive and gain a relationship with them
  • Control over all of your websites
  • Basically sells itself

It’s a simple process that starts from here:

Businesses have a rough time getting the deals they need to survive out there and make profits.

One of the significant issues as to why it’s so hard for businesses is because they don’t know how to portray themselves online.

All we do is create a website for them, rank it up on Google, and the calls just come rushing in to them.

It makes me feel better knowing that my websites are benefiting them.

It’s a win-win situation since their business booms, and I get paid for helping them achieve that.

We can also do this for a variety of businesses. Here’s an example of a limo service I’ve been working with for years:

See the rank of it on the search results? That’s what sells the website.

It’ll take a bit to get that high, but once it’s there, you can forget about it.

This is a true way to build a passive income.

Plus I own ALL of my websites, so there is little risk if someone leaves my service. For example:

Say, a business owner decides to retire, I can recycle their website because I still own it and keep its rank, I just move the leads on so that it can start helping a new client.

Earlier, I mentioned the wide variety that I can make websites for. Here’s an example of a tree service company who’s been paying me for years:

The coolest part of doing this is the online community that you become a part of.

There are others who have done the same exact thing as me for as long or longer, and some even make more money. There are also people starting out.

And they all can relate to and assist in solving any problems you have.

Here is someone who is off to a marvelous start:

You can have online mentoring as you learn your way around the job of generating leads for businesses.

I would not be where I am today if I had not found this course.

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